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On 10/8/2016 (IST)

ANN COUKTER waa 54 jir Mareykan ah oo inta badan lagu eedo in ay tahay CUNSURIYAD ka soo horjeeda Muslimka,ajaaniibta ku nool Mareykanka iyo qof walba oo aan ahayn CADAAN iyo MASIIXI,waxaa inta badan lagu arkaa telefishinada garabka midig ee wadanka USA,waa qoraa daabacday buugaag aad u tira badan oo inta badan lagu eedo in ay yihiin kuwa jinsi naceeyb xambaarsan,waxaa lagu arkaa TVga FOX NEWS oo ah kan ugu codka iyo daawashada badan ee Ameerika,buugii ugu dambeeyay ee ay qortay waxay aad uga hadashay Somalida ku nool USA qaas ahaan gobolka ay aadka u degan yihiin ee MINNESOTA,ma aha markii ugu horeysay ee Somalida lagu war hayo arimaha gobolkaas,DONALD TRUMP oo ah musharaxa madaxweynaha Mareykana ayaa dhowr bil ka hor wuxuu yiri SOMALIDA ku nool MINNESOTA waxay gacan siiyaan ISIS,buuga ay ANN COULTER qortay waxaa la yiraahdaa ADIOS AMERICA ama NABADEEY AMERIKA,runtii wuxuu taabanayaa qowmiyadaha kala duwan ee ku nool USA,laakiin arinta Somaliya ayay aad ugu dheeraatay,iyadoo qaar ka mid qoraaladeeda ku tilmaamtay Somalidu in ay yiihiin dad PRIMITIVE ah ama HEER HOOSE!,shabakada SOLAPORTAL.COM waxay soo xushay qaar ka mid qoraalada buuga ANN COULTER.



The reason Scandinavian Minnesota ended up with more than one hundred thousand Somalis is that liberals thought the state was too white-bread and not at all diverse. In the 1990s, the head of the Minneapolis Foundation, Emmett Carson, complained that California and New York were much more “multicultural” than Minnesota. Wouldn’t Minnesota be a much cooler state with a hundred thousand Somalis? The foundation ran a public information campaign, showing a photo of three smiling Somali women in their native garb over the caption: “Maybe you’re just not sure what to make of all these new Minnesotans bringing in all these strange new cultures and customs. But hey, have you ever really thought about lutefisk?” Pleased by the success of his campaign, Carson exulted: “Minnesota is changing.” Yes, Minnesota used to be very boring. Now it’s exciting!


Indictment: Somali Gangs Trafficked Girls for Sex

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) Twenty-nine people have been indicted in a sex trafficking  ring in which Somali gangs in Minneapolis and St. Paul allegedly forced girls under age 14 into prostitution in Minnesota, Tennessee and Ohio, according to an indictment unsealed Monday.

The 24-count indictment, unsealed in U.S. District Court in the Middle District  of  Tennessee, said one of  the gangs’ goals was recruiting  females under age 18, including some under age 14, and forcing them into prostitution so the defendants could get money, marijuana or liquor.

The indictment details several instances in which young Somali or African American girls were taken from place to place and forced to engage in sex acts with multiple people. One girl was under 13 when she was first prostituted.

In just a few decades, Minnesota has gone from being approximately 99 percent German, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, and Polish to 20 percent African immigrant,7 including at least one hundred thousand Somalis.8 And that’s  not counting the Somalis who have recently left the country to fight with al Qaeda and ISIS. One hundred thousand is just an estimate. We don’t  know precisely how many Somalis the federal government has brought in as “refugees” because the government won’t tell us. The public can’t be trusted with the truth.

Since becoming more multicultural, Minnesota has turned into a hotbed of credit card  skimming, human trafficking,  and  smash-and-grab robberies.9 Mosques have popped up all over the state—as have child prostitutes and machete attacks.

Welfare consumption in Minnesota has more than doubled on account of the newcomers—only half of whom have jobs. Those Somalis who do have jobs earn an average  of  $21,000  a  year,  compared  with  $46,000  for  the  average  Minnesotan. (Consider yourself lucky, Minnesota: In Sweden, only 20 percent of Somalis have jobs.) Eighty percent of Somalis in Minnesota live at or below the poverty line. Nearly 70 percent have not graduated from high school, compared with only 8.4 percent of non- Somali Minnesotans.



But no Democrat will cross them, and no Republican will mention them: Somalis

have leapfrogged past native blacks to become a major political force in Minnesota. For every  white  Minnesotan  who  becomes  a  Republican  each  year,  two  Somalis  turn eighteen and start bloc-voting for the Democrats.

Everyone  seems  to  agree  that  it  is  Minnesotans’  responsibility  to  assimilate  to Somali culture, not the other way around.11 The Catholic University of St. Thomas has installed Islamic prayer rooms and footbaths in order to demonstrate, according to Dean of  Students  Karen  Lange,  that  the  school is “diverse.” Minneapolis’s mayor,  Betsy Hodges, has shown up wearing a full hijab to meetings with Somalis. (In fairness, it was “Forbid Your Daughter to Work Outside the Home” Day.) A suburban Minnesota high school has “Welcome” signs written in Somali, a Somali student group, and articles in the school newspaper about how unhappy the Somalis are.

Kate Towle, the parent leader of a high school group called “Students Together as Allies for Racial Trust” explained that diversity skills “have to be developed like math, history.”12 Maybe it would be better for students to be learning math and history, rather than the important skill of: Getting Along with Somalis. It doesn’t seem to be working, anyway: There are still violent ethnic brawls that send students to the hospital.

What  did we do to Somalis? What  did we do to Cameroonians  or Senegalese? Absolutely  nothing.  But  now  these  immigrants,  who  arrived  yesterday,  will  get affirmative  action  over  white  Americans.  Do  the  media  really  not  know  how  the Ghanaian immigrant got accepted to ALL EIGHT Ivy League schools? According to New York magazine, it’s because he’s “better than you.”



 We can’t assimilate immigrants to Western ideas about pedophilia, human trafficking, and credit card fraud, but they take like fish to water to America’s victim culture. People adapt amazingly quickly to a sense of entitlement. In about ten seconds, impoverished immigrants go from Wait—I can have this? to Where’s  my money? As a white female Sears employee told the New York Times, Somalis “think this is a great opportunity for them, this prejudice thing. If you look at them the wrong way or they don’t have enough money, they say it’s prejudice.”14 Newcomers hear American paeans to tolerance,  respect,  and inclusion and think:  Great!  That  means tolerance of ME, respect for ME, and inclusion for ME.

In 2002,  Minneapolis police  shot a Somali man,  Abu  Kassim Jeilani,  who was walking down  the  middle  of  a  busy street  waving a  machete.  While  this  may  be common behavior in Mogadishu, it’s generally frowned upon in Minneapolis. Even after being tasered a half dozen times, Jeilani continued to menace cops with his machete, charging the officers and smashing it on their squad cars. Eventually, Jeilani rushed an officer and ended up dead.15 Luckily, every Somali in Minnesota who has a job works for an ethnic grievance outfit—for  example, the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, the Somali Resources Aid Associates, the African Development Center, and the Confederation of Somali Community in Minnesota. (And those are just some of the jobs being created by immigrants!)

This allowed the Somali community to erupt in rage, claiming Jeilani’s “civil rights” had been violated. Omar Jamal, of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center, denounced the shooting, claiming, unironically: “We are taxpayers. We pay these people to serve and protect  us. We pay taxes and they pay taxes.”16 With half of Somalis in Minnesota unemployed and 80 percent  living at or below the poverty level, one thing they are definitely not doing is “paying taxes.” I think the phrase he’s looking for is “accepting welfare.” The Somalis’ civil rights lawsuit on behalf of a man who ran at cops with a machete was unsuccessful. It was very successful, however, in wasting the resources of U.S. federal courts for five years.

About a decade ago, thousands of Somalis moved to the small working-class town of Lewiston, Maine. Within the first year of their arrival, the town’s welfare caseload doubled. Before the town was bankrupted, Mayor Laurier T. Raymond Jr. wrote a letter to Somali elders asking them to discourage their fellow countrymen from continuing to move to Lewiston. He respectfully explained: “We have been overwhelmed and have responded valiantly. Now we need breathing room. Our city is maxed-out financially, physically and emotionally.”

In response, the Somali elders accused him of racism. Calling the mayor an “ill-informed leader who is bent towards bigotry,” they said he was trying to incite “violence against our people physically, verbally and emotionally.” The governor and attorney general were forced to defend the mayor from charges of racism. But the Somalis pushed on, demanding that everyone acknowledge how peachy they are. “We hope that others appreciate,” they said, “the potential richness and opportunity newcomers bring to the city.”

At least Lewiston has shed its boring whiteness! Today, Somali boys roam the streets physically assaulting the locals. Within a few days in the summer of 2009, three separate residents were mugged, including one woman in her sixties and one man who had to be hospitalized. Another time, a gang of Somali boys attacked a woman walking her dog, beating the dog with a stick. Muggings by Somalis are so common that some Lewiston residents have been victimized more than once.

Even Somalia doesn’t want Somalis. Convicted rapist Mohammed Mukhtar avoided probation by agreeing to be deported after completing his sentence in Somalia, however, is unlikely to take Mukhtar back. We want him to go, he claims he wants to go, but Somalia can say, We’re leaving the rapist with you. Our immigration laws are working fantastically well for every country in the world except our own.


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